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Inspiration to build Unicare is from:

Dr. Michael McCarthy
Sinel Specialist Hospital - Tema.

About Unicare.

Unicare health has been developed to assist our few and busy medical doctors, having to spend lesser times with their patients during consultations at the hospital. It is also for those seeking the best and quick medical advice from doctors as a rapid solution to help either themselves, relative or a friend that needs medical attention. All certified and registered Doctors and hospitals on Unicare get their patients to download and subscribe to their accounts. Every patient gets an account for any hospital and doctor they subscribe to. And for each account;
1. A patient can receive and read hospital general or public information which could be from free health screening announcement to health seminars for all patients and can schedule an appointment with the doctor or hospital he or she has subscribed to.
3. A patient can create a conversation on a particular topic of interest (such as 'HYPERTENSION") and share with other doctors. Patients send a receive messages (in text) under a the particular conversation created.

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