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What do I get when my school subscribes to join the Unilynq Community?

A Cloud Storage is created for you

The school is provided with a 40GB online cloud storage on which an online web server is built to allow global access to the unilynq application. This also allows you to customize the unilynq app to suit your school.

Back up for all your data & resources

Unilynq uses your 40GB cloud storage as a backup also for students' & staff data and other important resources.

Global access to your application

With unilynq, every student and staff gets an account that allows them to access your application with any device from anywhere.

Your data is protected and Secured

In collaboration with Microsoft, your data is fully secured and protected 24.7.365

1 Free UNICom (Solution to Unreliable internet)

Your school is provided with a modern quad-core computer called UNICom in the size of a credit card running the unilynq app when you don't have internet. This computer can be powered by battery banks and solar panels directly. The UNICom is to provide access to unilynq app when internet from your ISP is unavailable or not that fast.

WIFI Network - No Cables needed

The UNICom creates a wifi that allows over 50 different computers to connect and work in an offline environment and backup later to your online storage. You don't need to purchase network cables or build any sophisticated network structure for it to work. JUST GIVE IT POWER

Get In Touch

Contact the unilynq team for a free presentation or pitch in your school on unilynq or request a demo account for 1 week to try out our amazing application.

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